Saturday, November 7, 2015

One Hundred Mile Feast

Anneliese's school at the Willowbrook campus was the site of the One Hundred Mile Feast benefiting
 SEEDS art and education.
SEEDS emphasis is on environmental stewardship.  Educating children by showing the relationship between gardens and growing food.  Influencing generations of children to bond and take care of nature.
 The menu was prepared by Laguna Beach chefs with ingredients all sourced within 100 miles of the dining table.
Chefs include Lindsay Smith of Nirvana Grille, Debra Sims of Maro Wood Grill, Ryan Adams of 370 Common, Camron Woods of The Ranch, Jessica McLeish of Sourced Cuisine and Carli Savedra of Seed & Soil.

My two children were lucky and attended Anneliese's school through the 5th grade.  The 5 acre campus is located
in Laguna Canyon across from the wilderness park.  
At every turn there is detail and charm that has taken years and layers of  thoughtful addition.
There is not another place like it.

The swan has a glorious and artful pool.  There are some very spectacular looking chickens.
When my boys attended school in the Nineties, there were peacocks, pigs and llamas as well.
Some things change.  I didn't see the peacocks, but I did hear there are miniature ponies and alpacas.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall in Laguna

Mosaic Monday
The garden has some weak blooms.  The heat and the Santa Ana winds
are taking their toll.
I have surrendered to the morning glory vine.  My garden is not resisting any more.
My home will soon not be mine.  
Here's to new beginnings.  Getting there is half the fun.  My garden was a neglected solid dirt hill of
waist high weeds.  A blank canvas.  When I look at what has grown so happily it gives me great joy
and pleasure to pass it on.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Saying Good-Bye To The Mermaid House

The Mermaid House is up for sale!
I am moving back East because it is time for a change.
I love Laguna dearly but I need new surroundings.   
Everywhere I live is beautiful.  I will be taking the charm with me.
I am also taking my mermaid statue!
The move will take place early next year.  I am restoring a Victorian four square, brick home
Roanoke, Virginia.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Fragrant Frog

Happiness is a dreamy summer garden in Laguna Beach!
 I am amazed and surprised by all the avocados in my two year old tree.  
Hiding behind the roses are some late blooming, white bearded iris.  We have a different climate here, in Bluebird Canyon.  Even my Jacaranda
tree has not bloomed.  Those purple flowers are everywhere in Orange County.  My tree is a hold out.
The plump frog is back.  He loves the Delores Hope roses.  Only kind of rose that provides a good frog environment.
Whatever that may be.
I went shopping at Katherine Story's hippie chic dress shop today and picked up a tapestry halter dress with sari border
for opening night at the Sawdust Festival.    On Sunday morning I am hanging paintings.
I am very happy to be participating in the show this year!
My booth number is 245!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Laguna Charm

Here is a very charming house on Woodland Dr. in Laguna Beach.
My very good friend, Greg Thorne lives here with his cat beauty, Freya.
Greg is a jeweler and exhibits at the summer Sawdust Festival.
The house  has a bohemian and whimsical soul.
There is color and texture everywhere you look!
In the bedroom is a very large peacock and dahlia painting.   I painted it for him almost ten years ago.
There are happy blooms and koi fish in the garden.
Mosaic Monday
Home Sweet Home

The light filters through stained glass windows and gives a surreal atmosphere to a place with big ships, Indian baskets and beadwork, Hopi pots and brass figures pointing and dancing in a melancholy ballet.
What a wonderful world!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Czech Peacock Lamp & Goats In The Canyon

Driving through the canyon, we saw a herd of  goats!  Fire prevention at it's cutest!
Laguna Canyon Wilderness Park
Having a lovely Saturday antiquing at the Orange Circle in Old Town.
Here is my restoration project. I am going to Bohemian Crystal in downtown Los Angeles to find
the replacements for this extremely damaged Czech peacock lamp.
The garden is looking happy after yesterday's rain.  
Picked up these amazingly large delphiniums at the English Garden in Laguna Beach.
Hoping to have time this week to set up a still life.
Home Sweet Home
Here is my latest Laguna Canyon Painting.
Feeling a little "blue" at Big Bend.
Paintings by Rachel Uchizono
Mosaic Monday