Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More Funky Purses

My purses were once for sale at my Sawdust Festival booth during the summer but it got too hard
for me to sew and use scissors.  I had to make a choice either to make purses or paint.  So I gave
up making purses but I still am obsessed with antique textiles and putting them together in different combinations. 
I used an old English tapestry for this purse and trimmed it with a border from India and fringe from
Ubekistan.  The Native American inspired concho is ornately stamped and set with a beautiful green
turquoise stone.  
I have kept my collection of fabrics and sometimes make purses for friends.
I call this one the "Elk Purse".  There is a "gambler" concho and a beautifully stamped
Broken Arrow turquoise oval concho, along with domed stamped concho on the leather strap.
Mismatched concho on the strap adds a quirky touch.
This purse is my one dollar find at the consignment store.  Of course it is my favorite and
I have worn it out!
The oval stamped domed concho is set with the most beautiful deep green turquoise stone.
All the concho were made to order from  master silversmith  Greg Thorne.