Monday, June 30, 2014

Flowers In Bluebird Canyon

The Dinner  Plate Dahlia's are having a very good year.
Floral Friday
Every Dahlia I have ever planted is coming up this summer.  These are the early bloomers.
The roses have rallied a second time and are blooming profusely.
These roses are too heavy for these thin stems.
I have five Angel's Trumpet Trees.  Two trees are white and three are yellow.   I would like to
add a pink and a red one.  I know they exist!
The trumpet flowers have a sweet smell and buzz all day with bees.  There is a healthy
population of bees in Bluebird Canyon.  I do my part and plant many flowers!
The  Angel's Trumpet Tree has exploded with poisonous flowers!

Home and Garden Thursday
The Champa tree is from India and is known for its heady fragrance.  
Also called the Joy
Perfume Tree, Champa flowers are used to make the world's
most expensive perfume.   I planted this tree two years ago and it is enormous.
The Joy Perfume Tree is  getting ready to bloom and the air smells so sweet.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

What's Growing In The Garden

The 4th of July rose is ready for summer!
Amaze Me Monday
The Canna lily is new in the garden.
The clematis vine is winding around and looking super happy!
There are more poppies than ever!
Here is a barrel of sunflowers and zinnias. 
These are the first dahlia's of the year.  It's always a surprise when they bloom because they are
too big and beautiful to be real.
The hollyhocks look like fluffy pink carnations.  They are taller than me now.  
The tomatoes and weed are maturing fast!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Feeling Festive

This week I am featuring a new painting on the mantle!  I found a vintage frame in my collection and it was a perfect
fit for this painting.  I used to go to the farms in Irvine and set up and paint the Eucalyptus trees that
were planted as a windbreak.  There are not many trees left today.  Instead there are  many new housing developments.
On display is my Mother's lalique purple butterfly and a yellow teapot I found hidden in her cupboard.
Corinne did not like yellow and used to eject any yellow flowers from the house.  The teapot met a similar fate
and was banished to the very back of a shelf.  At first I thought it was broken and then I realized it was just yellow.
I had a very small cactus that was root bound, so I planted it in the ground.  Now it is an enormous tree.  It gets white
giant orchid like flowers that are spectacular and last for a day.
My garden is looking extremely festive.  Summer is officially here!
Mosaic Monday
                                                             Masterpiece Monday