Monday, September 30, 2013

Blue and White Bash At The Pink Pagoda!

Blue and white for Fall.

Flow Blue and the last of the hydrangeas.

Blue and white day!

Fall Dinner In Bluebird Canyon.

Fall dinner in Bluebird Canyon.
Fall dinner with Blue Willow and colorful suzani fabric.

Someone that doesn't belong on the table!

Blue & White

Blue and white eagle:  Historical Staffordsire.
Ken Auster's "La Fonda" with a Mayan-Olsen frame.  My favorite painting!

Historical Blue and White Staffordshire

Staffordshire sugar bowl printed in dark blue transferware.

Historian Staffordshire collection below a Ken Auster painting of La Fonda.

Flow Blue Plates:  Blue Willow and a ship..

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting to know the garden.

                               The upper destination with bench for sunset viewing.

                           The weather is just right for growing medicinal herbs!

Perfect for a backyard wedding!

Garden In Laguna.

The wisteria tree and gazebo.

Salvaged Mermaid and giant clam shell statue.

More Flowers

Cactus flowers that have an orchid-like quality.

I planted one bulb and now the Iris are taking over!


Could Be A Lot Of Places...

Nothing like a view of Redwood trees, Cypress trees and Palm trees.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The first bloom is always the best with roses.  

Passion Flower Vine & Snow Ball Flowers

Dahlia's and Princess Flowers

It was a good summer for Dahlia's.

Double Delight Roses

Peacock In The Garden

I have a taxidermy peacock and sometimes I set up a pose and paint him.  His name is "Prince"           .Rachel Uchizono
Bluebird Canyon is home to beautiful gardens in a canyon setting.

The Mermaid House