Sunday, April 27, 2014

Funky Purses

Sometimes I get the urge to make purses and bags.  I love combining beaded medallions with Navajo
buttons and animal print fabric with velvet.
Leather straps with silver conchos and fringe will always be my favorite theme and style for a bag.
I make them extra long so they go across the shoulder and rest on the hip.
I call this purse the "Barbara".
Amaze me Monday
Wow us Wednesday
Home sweet home
I love animal prints, especially leopard.   Antique chairs are especially
fine for a leopard makeover!
A camel bag from Uzbekistan completes the look.
I collect antique ethnic textiles and anything with tassels!
Mosaic Monday

Monday, April 14, 2014

Delores Hope Roses And Sea Anemone Vase

Mosaic Monday
Home Sweet Garden Wow us Wednesday
Treasure hunt Thursday
Sea anemone vase by Paulette Adams over at the
Summerland Cottage
I love this vase!
Super cute vintage sea shell tea set and Delores Hope roses.  They are my favorite rose, with great coral and
red hues and featuring big cabbage  blooms.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lilac Bush

Mosaic Monday
I found this charming painting at Vanessa Rothe's studio.  The artist's work was featured in the show
Realism Without Borders, a traveling exhibit of paintings by Russian, American, Ukrainian, French and German
Realism Without Borders
Blue and White Bash at the Pink Pagoda
Treasure Hunt Thursday
This beautiful  painting is by Russian painter Volkov Daniil entitled "Lilac Bush".
Volkov Daniil