Sunday, May 25, 2014

Canyon View

Everyday there is a new poppy blooming in the garden.  This week my house got a treat as well!
My kitchen windows were rusted and the glass was cracked.  So I made the leap and
ordered new windows!  The house was built in 1948 and these look like the originals.
My home is three stories clinging to a cliff overlooking a large garden.  The kitchen is on the top and I
feel like I
am on a great sailing ship
Mosaic Monday
Home sweet home

Monday, May 19, 2014

Art In The Park In Beverly HIlls

Would you buy a painting from this woman?
I spent the weekend at the Beverly Hills Art in the Park.  It was a beautiful show.  I rented an SUV and
transported everything with the help of my friend Terry Reno.
We spent the evenings in West Hollywood and had some wonderful dinners at Tortilla Republic.  Dropped in on
an art opening at Louis Stern Fine Arts.  Terry and I know Jean Stern, so it made it seem like a small world in the
 "big city" to run into his brother.
I am so happy to be home.  This is the view from my deck.
Poppies and roses are the grand event in  the garden!
Mosaic Monday
Fabulous creative Friday
These hybrid poppies are spectacular!  I hope they last a while.   The heat wave has let up and the garden is relieved.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Beautiful Day In Bluebird Canyon

This is my favorite view of the redwood trees at the top of the garden, framed by enormous Cypress sentinels.   I also  have fig trees, persimmon trees , pomegranate trees, an apricot tree, an avocado tree and two plum trees.   There is still room for more.
The garden is full of frolicking humming birds.    Generations of humming bird families have "that blonde lady" in their DNA.  They are very nervy and buzz around me in a crazy, familiar way. 
Bluebird Canyon is blooming.
Home sweet home
Amaze me Monday
Hybrid poppies are making their appearance.
Delores Hope roses are having a good spring!
The pomegranate tree is feeling lucky this year.    I hope the blossoms stay put and develop into fruit!
My garden calms my soul with it's peaceful gloriously beautiful abundance of spring.  And so far no bunnies!