Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dolphin & The Merman

Nineteenth century merman vase is a great addition to any mermaid home!
I love the murano dolphins and collect them even though they are very fragile.  The moment my boys
stopped breaking things I started collected glass objects.  
Inlaid shell necklaces are also a favorite and I hang them around the house.
Paintings by Rachel
This is a very small seascape I painted with an ornamental antique carved frame.
Here is the painting from the still life I was setting up last week.
"Peacock and the Geisha Vase"  36 x 36
Paintings by Rachel
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Peacock Colors

I spent the day posing flowers and glass objects.
Found some chocolates for Valentine's day.  I don't think they will last until Friday!
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Pink Saturdays
I stopped by the flower shop and finally they had some branches with blossoms.
I was trimming the Ivy  and thought the cuttings would look pretty arranged around objects for a still life painting.   I know an artist who photographs the set rather than painting it "live".  I think I might try both!
All my favorite colors are present!  I am going to take my time and paint tomorrow!
Peacock colors!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Old Cigar Box, Spring Flowers & Something Blue & White.

Fulfilling my need to photograph old cigar boxes with portraits.  I love the turquoise, green and red!
 We are having a false Spring in Laguna.  The air is scented with blooming Jasmine.  Even the frogs are out!
It's like someone flipped a switch!  Hopefully we will see some rain on Monday.
Purple lavender looking very happy in the courtyard.
I painted these two small paintings (5"x 5") and chose matching Italian hand carved antique frames.

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