Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Fragrant Frog

Happiness is a dreamy summer garden in Laguna Beach!
 I am amazed and surprised by all the avocados in my two year old tree.  
Hiding behind the roses are some late blooming, white bearded iris.  We have a different climate here, in Bluebird Canyon.  Even my Jacaranda
tree has not bloomed.  Those purple flowers are everywhere in Orange County.  My tree is a hold out.
The plump frog is back.  He loves the Delores Hope roses.  Only kind of rose that provides a good frog environment.
Whatever that may be.
I went shopping at Katherine Story's hippie chic dress shop today and picked up a tapestry halter dress with sari border
for opening night at the Sawdust Festival.    On Sunday morning I am hanging paintings.
I am very happy to be participating in the show this year!
My booth number is 245!


  1. I love all the lush-ness! Your dress is amazing and fits right in.

  2. Beautiful! I love your dress! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!