Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall in Laguna

Mosaic Monday
The garden has some weak blooms.  The heat and the Santa Ana winds
are taking their toll.
I have surrendered to the morning glory vine.  My garden is not resisting any more.
My home will soon not be mine.  
Here's to new beginnings.  Getting there is half the fun.  My garden was a neglected solid dirt hill of
waist high weeds.  A blank canvas.  When I look at what has grown so happily it gives me great joy
and pleasure to pass it on.


  1. Lovely persimmons and flowers! What a joy to see results of your ideas and toil...

  2. Your flowers in the sunlight are so refreshing. Also I like the photo angle of your first one!!

  3. The morning glory blossoms are such an intense shade of blue. Beautiful!